Our Cured Meats

Since 1960, “large white” pigs (also known as the Reggiana breed) have been reared at the company.

Our pigs are born, raised and  transformed Lonato del Garda.

Processing and bagging take place following the recipe handed down from father to sons and everything is processed manually without the aid of machinery.

 Every single piece of meat is carefully selected to be subsequently processed and stored

 Our products are:

  • Local Gardesana salami
  • Culatello nostrano (bow)
  • Coppa (Cup)
  • Pa cetta (Bacon)
  • Cotechino
  • Gunciale (Check-Pork)  (on  order)
  • Stomach bone De.Co.  (on order)
  • Lonzino (on order)

 *We remind you that for products made to order upon confirmation, the product can be collected after 12 weeks.

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