On the day of San Martino (11th of November ) in 1940, Virginio Bresciani gave life to the Bresciani farm, and within a month Bruno was born,  first son, and future heir of the farm.

From the late 1950s to the second half of the 1990s, Bruno Bresciani led the company in an artisanal way; but always with an eye to new technologies.

Both he and Adriano (Bruno’s son) maintain this combination to keep the flavours of craftsmanship alive.

In 1997 Adriano took the reins of the company becoming CEO of the company, changing its name to Azienda Agricola Roccolo Arrighi, to ferry it towards the new millennium, bringing with him the experience of his father always at his side, and the desire to modernise his production.

Azienda Agricola con Degustazione Lago di Garda

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In 2012, with the lost of his father, Adriano found himself alone in carrying on the company with the intention of keeping his father’s legacy alive.

More than twenty years have passed, since Adriano, at the helm of the company and with the same spirit of the beginning, always wants to offer handcrafted and genuine products like those of the past.

The farm takes its name from the hill of the same name.

The structure stands on the remains of an old 15th century hermitage, where today two arches on the south wall are preserved.

After eighty years, our flagships remain the wine production and the production of cured meats.